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Tax Data Downloads

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The following data files are updated every weekend. They are currently only available in a fixed field delimited format. This format is compatible with MS Excel, although you must reference the associated record layouts during the import process.

Data File Record Layout
Delinquent Tax Data for All Years TCDelqData.zip TCDelqData_Record_Layout.txt
Local Business Tax Accts. as of June, 2008* TCOcclics.zip TCOcclics_Record_Layout.txt
Current Year Tax Payments TCPayData.zip TCPayData_Record_Layout.txt
Redeemed Tax Certificates TCRedCert.zip TCRedCert_Record_Layout.txt
Current Year Tax Data TCTaxdata.zip TCTaxData_Record_Layout.txt
Tax Data for PTX PTXFile.zip
Current Bidder Data  TCBIDEXT.zip

* Local Business Tax was discontinued

Tax Sale Data

2019 Tax Sale Data