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  • Property Tax FAQ

    • Can I make a partial payment on my taxes if I'm not on installments?

    • Do you honor post-marked mail for current tax payments?

    • Do you take credit cards?

    • Have my taxes been paid?

    • How can I acquire ownership of property through delinquent taxes?

    • How can I verify ownership?

    • How do I find out what exemptions I might qualify for?

    • I didn't get my bill, what should I do?

    • If I am late paying my taxes, will my name be in the paper?

    • If I've sold property, when will the tax roll reflect this change?

    • Installment Payments

    • What are Real Estate Taxes?

    • What are Tangible Personal Property Taxes?

    • When are tax bills mailed?

    • Where can I pay my taxes?

    • Where do I send my tax payment, and to whom do I make the check payable?

    • Will I get the discount if the discount period ends on a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday?