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List of County-Held Tax Certificates

Real estate taxes become delinquent April 1st each year. A list of all real property with delinquent taxes is advertised once a week for three consecutive weeks in a local newspaper during the month of May after which a Tax Certificate Sale will be conducted on the internet.

A tax certificate represents a lien on real property and earns interest at a maximum rate of 18% per year. The cost to purchase a certificate is listed beside each parcel in the delinquent advertisement and includes gross tax, interest, advertising cost and the cost of the tax certificate sale.

     *Note: The property owner still has full use of and right to the property unless it is sold, foreclosed or a tax deed is issued. A tax certificate is strictly an investment for the certificate holder. After two years a certificate holder does have the right to bring the land to a public auction where a tax deed may be issued. The tax deed would be issued to the person bidding the highest at the auction - it is not automatically issued to the certificate holder. Please be advised that a tax deed is not the same as a warranty deed and may require additional steps and fees before being a clear title to the property.

To purchase tax certificates, visit and click "Register". The registration "wizard" will guide you through the registration process in just a few minutes.

*If you have any questions regarding Tax Certificates, you can call 352-754-4180 ext. 2 or visit: