Veteran Services
621 W. Jefferson St.
Brooksville FL 34601

Phone (352) 754-4033
Fax (352) 754-4726

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8 AM - 5 PM

Closed noon to 1 PM for lunch

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Veteran Services

    • Am I eligible for outpatient treatment at the VA hospital?

    • Can a widow of a veteran who was drawing Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), and was terminated due to remarriage be reinstated on the benefit if their current spouse dies, or they get divorced?

    • Can I change my address by calling the 1-800 number?

    • Do state employees get administrative leave for appointments for their service-connected disabilities?

    • How can I get a Florida Disabled Veteran's ID card?

    • How do I get Certified Copies of discharge papers?

    • How much will my spouse receive under the Survivors Benefit Plan (SBP)?

    • I have an honorable discharge, but have never filed a claim with the VA, and recently had an emergency room visit at my local hospital. Will the VA pay this bill?

    • I was treated by the VA up north, why can't I be treated in Florida too?

    • I wish to file for Agent Orange Disease, what do I do?

    • If I get married will my pension stop?

    • If I select a Service Organization as my representative, are there any charges or meetings I must attend?

    • If my spouse dies while hospitalized in a Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) hospital or nursing home, or in a nursing home under VA contract, will the VA help defray the burial and transportation expenses?

    • My husband's health is very bad, and he can't leave home without assistance. Does the VA allow any extra money for pension veterans who need help?

    • What does the VA mean when they say I must have new and material evidence? I provided a doctor's statement, isn't that new and material?

    • What is an "Appointment of Service Representative" and why do I need one?

    • What percentage of disability compensation rating, must I have in order to draw additional allowance for dependents?

    • Where are the VA hospitals located in Florida?

    • Where can I get an application for the State Nursing Home in Land O' Lakes, Florida?

    • Where do I go for a military ID card?

    • Who is eligible for non-service-connected (NSC) pension?