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Septic to Sewer Conversion Overview

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In July of 2016, the Governor signed into law the Florida Springs and Aquifer Protection Act to protect 33 Florida springs threatened by excessive nitrate pollution. As a result, Hernando County has been tasked to find ways to comply with the requirements associated with the 2016 legislation.

The state mandated Onsite Sewage Treatment & Disposal System Remediation Plan requirement for Weeki Wachee Springs is the driving force for the Septic to Sewer Conversion plan.

Hernando County conducted a Septic to Sewer Conversion Study in 2016 to determine which septic systems impact Weeki Wachee Springs. The study also prioritized the areas based on level of impact. The first focus area (District A) chosen is immediately adjacent to the spring and has the most immediate impact on it.

Focus Area District A

The general boundary area of Septic to Sewer Project is:  North Border:  Hwy 50 (west of the Sandhill Scout Reservation) South Border: Elgin Blvd. (west of Nardello Ave) Rd. East Border:   Nardello Ave, India Dr. Hazelwood Rd (to Brentlawn St/Hwy 50)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Utilities - Septic to Sewer Conversion Projects

    • Why is Hernando County considering a septic to sewer project?

    • Is the septic to sewer project a definite plan?

    • If the septic to sewer project is funded and approved, what is the time frame for these conversions to begin?

    • What is the location of the septic to sewer project?

    • Why was my neighborhood chosen for septic to sewer conversion?

    • What will the homeowners in this area be expected to pay?

    • Will the cost to the homeowners require a lump sum payment or can the cost be spread out over several years?

    • What is included in the cost of converting these properties from septic systems to sewer?

    • Will there be workshops and/or public meetings to go over details of the project?

    • Will the homeowners have any other costs after the project is completed?

    • How much are sewer bills?

    • You will be tearing up my lawn/landscaping to do the work, who is responsible for putting it back in order and to what extent will that be done?

How Septic Systems Impact Springs