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Protect & Conserve

Top 10 Ways to Protect & Conserve Groundwater

1. Dispose of chemicals properly

2. Take used motor oil to recycling centers

3. Limit amounts of fertilizer

4. Take short showers

5. Shut water off while brushing teeth

6. Run full loads of dishes and laundry

7. Check for leaky faucets and have them fixed

8. Water outside only when necessary

9. Keep a pitcher of drinking water in the refrigerator

10. Teach others about groundwater

Groundwater Guardian

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Groundwater Guardians

The Groundwater Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to informing the public about groundwater.

Hernando County Celebrates Its Designation as a Groundwater Guardian Community

Meetings are open to the public and are held monthly at the:

Hernando County Utilities Administration Building
15365 Cortez Boulevard, Brooksville, FL 34613

Call Alys Brockway (352) 754-4037 Ext. 35139 for more information.

Bayport aerial view

The Hernando County Utilities Department is proud to announce that Hernando County has been recognized and officially designated as a 2002 Groundwater Guardian Community by The Groundwater Foundation, a private, international, not-for-profit educational organization that educates and motivates people to care about and for groundwater. To achieve designation, a community must form a local team, submit an annual entry form, work with community leaders to develop and implement result-oriented activities, and prepare and submit an annual report.

On February 5, 2002, the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners authorized the Utilities Director to form the Hernando County Groundwater Guardian Team. Team members represent the major users of the groundwater resource in Hernando County as well as include representatives from regional and local government agencies with jurisdiction over or impacts to the water resources.

The Hernando County Team operates pursuant to the Florida Sunshine Laws and is an advisory and advocacy committee of the Utilities Director and the County Commission. To earn its 2002 Groundwater Guardian designation, the Hernando County Groundwater Guardian Team has developed a Result Oriented Activity Plan that includes four components:

  1. Establishment of a Hernando County Groundwater Guardian Team Website.
  2. Commitment to Strengthen and Expand Coordination
     with Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Program.
  3. Investigation of methodologies to identify and improve protection of karst or karst sensitive areas
    of Hernando County.
  4. Coordination of a Local Government & SWFWMD Groundwater and Springs Education Workshop.

Groundwater Guardian is an annually earned designation for communities who take voluntary, pro-active steps toward groundwater protection. There is no cost to enter the program, rather the team adopts and works to implement activities that protect groundwater, such as public awareness, education, conservation, pollution prevention, public policy, or best management practices.


Hernando County Groundwater Guardian Team has been developed with the authorization of the Hernando County Commission and under the auspices of the Groundwater Foundation.