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Residential Curbside Collection of Trash, Yard Waste & Recycling

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Yard Waste Pick-up

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Residents with curbside service receive yard waste pick up once a week except on designated holidays. Call Republic Services at (352) 540-6457 to determine your household’s yard waste pick up day.

Residents should follow the set out procedures below for curbside collection:

  • Residential Yard Waste collection is limited to a total of twelve containers, bags, bundles, or equivalent of yard waste, per pickup. (Trash collection is limited to a total of three containers)
  • For larger quantities contact Republic Services in advance. An additional fee will apply
  • Containers and bags, including content, shall be a maximum of 45 gallons in size and not to exceed fifty pounds each
  • Bundled yard waste is limited to bundles not in excess of fifty pounds and four feet in length
  • Branches/limbs cannot exceed four inches in diameter or four feet in length
  • Live Christmas trees may be disposed of on your regularly scheduled yard waste day if trees are cut to under 4 foot lengths & cleaned of all decorations, including tinsel
  • Customers shall set out containers of yard waste no later than 6 a.m. on the designated collection day and no earlier than 6 p.m. the day prior to the designated collection day
  • Customers shall set out yard waste within six feet or as near to the roadway abutting the customer's property as safely possible
  • Although every effort is made to keep areas clean of spilled yard waste, some spillage may occur when transferring loose yard waste from the container to the truck

No Trash Mixed with Yard Waste Collection – Why Separate?

  • Yard Waste is recycled and therefore must be kept free of trash, plastic bags, and other debris
  • Yard waste may include vegetative matter and biodegradable brown paper bags only
  • Do not mix treated mulch or wood, rubber mulch, trash, concrete, rocks, plastic pots or flowers, plastic bags from mulch or soil, or any other type of non-vegetative matter with your yard waste
  • If yard waste is mixed it will not be collected
  • It is recommended that customers use covered trash cans, brown paper bags, or bundles to set out yard waste. Plastic bags will be opened and dumped to keep the plastic from contaminating the yard waste stream

Commercial Yard Waste

  • Commercial yard waste is waste generated by a landscaper, tree contractor, or other professional who charges you to provide these services to your home
  • Commercial yard waste is not permitted to be left curbside for the residential trash collection service to remove
  • Please work with your contractor or service provider to dispose of your yard waste in another manner
  • If the trash collection service becomes aware that the yard waste was generated by a contractor, and not the resident, the yard waste will not be picked up

Alternative Disposal Options

  • Hernando County Residents may take their own yard waste to one of our three locations for disposal
  • Residents may dispose of a combined total of up to 2,000 lbs of all types of solid waste per year for free
  • It is a violation of Hernando County Ordinance to dump yard waste or other waste on any vacant property, private property or public rights of way
  • Commercial businesses are required to take waste to the Northwest Landfill and be charged the appropriate tipping fee for disposal