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Residential Curbside Collection of Trash, Yard Waste & Recycling

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Trash Pick-up

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Residents with curbside trash service enjoy twice per week pickup. Call Republic Services at (352) 540-6457 to sign up or for questions about your existing service. Follow the procedures below for curbside pickup:

  • Number of Containers: Residential pick-up service is limited to a total of three containers, bags, or bundles, or equivalent amount, per pickup
  • Weight of Containers: Containers and bags, including content, are not to exceed 50 pounds each
  • Container Type: Garbage containers shall be of galvanized metal or plastic and shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, free of cracks and holes, and be leak-proof, rodent-proof and prevent the escape of odors
  • Put A Lid On It: Containers shall be provided with tight fitting lids to prevent spilled litter, scavenging of animals and to prevent rainwater from collecting in and weighing down the container
  • Container Size: Individual garbage containers shall be a maximum 45 gallon capacity with hand grips on opposite sides of the container of adequate strength to support the weight of a full container without bending or breaking
  • Placement: Customers shall place containers within six feet or as near to the paved, improved or unimproved roadway abutting the customer's property as safely as possible, by 6 a.m. on the days designated for collection
  • Placement Restrictions: Curbside placement shall be made no earlier than 6 p.m. on the day prior to the designated collection day and containers must be removed by the end of the day garbage was collected
  • Storage Areas: Areas where garbage containers are kept shall be maintained in a clean sanitary manner, free of spilled garbage, wastewater and odors
  • Community Pickup Locations: Garbage containers used at community pickup locations in rural areas must be marked with the customer’s address in order to be collected
  • Prohibited Items: Hazardous waste, tires, appliances containing Freon or other gas and commercial trash are prohibited in the residential curbside pickup. Call (352) 754-4112 for information on disposal of these items.

Extra Trash – Prepayment Options

For larger quantities of trash, yard waste or bulk items, please call Republic Services at (352) 540-6457 for pricing and pre-payment options before setting the items at the curb.