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Doing Business With Hernando County

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Vendor Guide


This guide will help you understand our policies and procedures, acquaint you with selling opportunities; promote good vendor-purchasing relationships; and make more efficient use of both the vendors' and purchasing staff's time.

Vendors are constantly looking for new markets for increased sales and a reasonable profit. Hernando County is constantly looking for innovative, reliable, and competitive vendors who can satisfy the purchasing needs of Hernando County. Together, the vendor and Hernando County can achieve a mutually satisfactory vendor-purchasing relationship between seller and buyer.

Purchasing and Contracts is responsible for the purchase of products and services for all Departments under the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners. This includes all aspects of the purchase from the receipt of the department's requisition to issuance of a purchase order or contract.

This guide has been developed to provide general information to you as a vendor. However, if your questions are not answered, do not hesitate to call Purchasing and Contracts at (352) 754-4020.

Thank you for your interest in serving the needs of Hernando County. We look forward to doing business with you in the future, and hope our relationship will be a positive one.

Purchasing and Contracts



See BidNet Direct (formerly known as Florida Bid System)

Gifts and Favors

As public purchasing officials, we are required to maintain high standards of ethics and conduct and maintain complete independence and impartiality in dealing with vendors, both in fact and appearance.

Hernando County endeavors to retain the goodwill of all vendors by dealing fairly and ethically with them at all times. In order to preserve the integrity of the competitive process and to ensure there is public confidence that purchases are awarded equitably and economically, Hernando County respectively requests that vendors refrain from offering any gift, favors or gratuities to the staff of the Purchasing and Contracts Department or other County representative.

Complaints and Grievances

Vendor complaints or grievances should be submitted in writing to the Purchasing and Contracts Chief Procurement Officer (CPO). The CPO will investigate the validity of the complaint and present the findings to the vendor.

Fair and Open Competition

Hernando County promotes fair and open competition and strives to ensure that such practices exist in all procurement activities. Every effort is made to ensure that specifications are designed for compatibility with standard trade practices. Potential bidders are encouraged to advise the CPO if they feel any language and/or requirement of a specification restricts or limits competition.

Purchases are awarded to the lowest, most responsible and responsive vendor. Responsible means the vendor has the capability, integrity and reliability to perform the requirements of the solicitation. Responsive means the vendor has submitted a quotation/bid which conforms in all material respects to the request including meeting or exceeding product quality.




All communications relative to any bid matters should normally be channeled through the Purchasing and Contracts Department so that a complete record is maintained of all transactions relative to a purchase, quotation and/or bid. Additionally, the Florida "Public Records Statute" requires that all communications which could alter the content, terms, conditions or structure of a purchase or proposed purchase, must be shared with all interested parties.


All purchases must be supported by an authorized purchase order unless specifically exempted by the Purchasing Ordinance. As a vendor, and for your protection, you should always make certain that a written purchase order has been issued prior to delivery of products and/or services. The purchase order establishes the full agreement between the vendor and the County.


Unless already defined in the specifications, a definite number of days for delivery after receipt of order should always be stated. All purchases shall be FOB Hernando County, inside delivery at a designated delivery point identified on the purchase order. Exceptions must be pre-arranged. The purchase order number must appear on the delivery ticket and on packages. Failure to meet the specified delivery terms and schedule may result in cancellation of the order. Back-orders will only be accepted with the prior approval of the Purchasing and Contracts Department. Vendors who consistently deliver late, back-order or have an inordinate amount of damage are subject to removal from the bid list.




Hernando County is exempt from most taxes imposed by state or federal government. Tax exempt numbers are on file and available by contacting our office.


Vendor invoices will be paid after products and/or services are received, inspected for conformity to specifications and payment authorization by the ordering department.

Purchasing and Contracts is not involved in the check writing, but we are available to provide our vendors with general information on the payment process.


Hernando County will periodically dispose of its surplus property by sale to the general public. Notice of Public Auction will be advertised at Items to be sold may include automobiles, office furniture, typewriters, various office equipment, computers, etc.

Tips on Doing Business

Be sure that your firm is registered on BidNet Direct

Keep current with Invitations for Bids. Invitations are posted on the bulletin board at the Purchasing and Contracts Department's Office.

Have a good reputation for service and reliability.