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Current and Completed Projects

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 MSBU Project Status

Alberta Street Paving  Construction Completed 
Boatwrite Road Paving  Application Received 07/24/2019 
Day Owl Road Paving  Application Received 08/28/2019 
Dolquieb AreaPaving Construction Completed
Duck Hawk AreaPaving 04/13/2019 Vote Results: Declined Yes-31% No-69%
Duck Hawk Road Paving  Application Received 07/25/2019 
Easter Drive Paving  04/13/2019 Vote Results: Declined Yes-14% No-86% 
Fulmar Road Paving  Application Received 03/28/2019 
Hemlock Warbler Road Paving  Application Received 04/02/2019 
Highgrove Road Paving  Application Received 07/08/2019 
Hurricane Drive Paving (Revote) Notice To Proceed for Construction 07/06/2020
Johnathan Drive Paving (Revote) Public Hearing to Repeal Ordinance 10/22/2019
Kakawi Road & Kingbird Road Paving 04/13/2019 Vote Results: Declined Yes-30% No-70% 
Kite Road Millings   Application Received 10/09/2019 
Mandrake Road Paving  Application Received 05/03/2019 
Mantle AreaPaving (Revote) 06/17/2019 Vote Results: Declined Yes-23% No-77%
Manuel Street Paving  Application Received 10/01/2019 
Marsh Wren Avenue Paving  Construction Completed
Michigan Avenue Paving (Revote) Notice To Proceed for Construction 07/06/2020
Milgate Court Paving Application Received 07/29/2019 
Millerdale Road Paving  Application Received 07/12/2019 
Nordica Road Paving  Construction Completed
Parade Avenue Paving  Application Received 03/26/2019 
Pheasant AreaPaving (Revote) On Hold
Piping Plover Area7 Paving  Construction Completed 
Royal Highlands Area LPaving   Construction Completed
Royal Highlands Area MPaving 04/13/2019 Vote Results: Declined Yes-26% No-74% 
Royal Highlands Area NPaving 04/13/2019 Vote Results: Declined Yes-45% No-55% 
Tinamou Area9 Paving  Construction Completed 
Warbler Road Paving  Application Received 11/30/2018
White Road Paving   Construction Completed 
Wood Owl Avenue  Construction Completed 


Reference List

1) Pheasant Area Includes Roads Flock, Limpkin, Masked Duck, Petrel, Pheasant, Poorwill

2) Mantle Area Includes Roads Magpie (from Tinamou South to Thrasher), Mantle, Tinamou (from Mellon West to end)

3) Duck Hawk Area Includes Roads Celeste, Centaur, Duck Hawk, Sea Eagle, Spruce Grouse

4) Royal Highlands Area M Includes Roads Magpie, Malden, Mantle, Mellon (from Tinamou North to end), Mocking Wren (from Knuckey North to end), Mount Ivy, Sage Thrasher, Shivering Owl, Tinamou (from Mellon West to end)

5) Royal Highlands Area N Includes Roads Bunting (unpaved), Canary (unpaved), Gannet, Golden & Gypsy (from Nightingale West), Mandrake, Orinoco, Warbler

6) Dolquieb Area Includes Roads Dolquieb, Indigo Bunting, Ipswich Sparrow, Lark Field

7) Piping Plover Area Includes Roads Hooker, Hornbill, Horner, Piping Plover (Harris Hawk East), Prairie Falcon, Purple Sandpiper

8) Royal Highlands Area L Includes Roads Eggers, Gallinule, Gig, Mackinaw, Nittany, Nollhill, Spoonbill

9) Tinamou Area Includes Roads Margot, Megargel, Mellon (from Thrasher North to Tinamou), Menlo, Telephone, Timberwood, Tinamou (from Mellon to Bronx), Trip