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Arterial Roads – Primarily facilitate the through movement, i.e., mobility of vehicular traffic. These roads handles heavy traffic loads traveling at high speeds.

Asphalt - A brownish-black solid or semisolid mixture of bitumens obtained from native deposits or as a petroleum byproduct, used in paving, roofing, and waterproofing.

Catch Basin - A reservoir for collecting surface drainage or runoff.

Collector Roads – Function primarily to carry traffic from local streets to arterials. The operating speeds are generally lower than that of arterials, but generally greater than that of local streets.

Culvert - A sewer or drain crossing under a road or embankment.

DRA – Drainage Retention Area.

Easement – A legally defined right of passage or use across a specified property. An easement may allow for access, placement of utilities, drainage, other purposes, or any combination of these uses.

Frontage Roads – Streets which run concurrent with arterial streets and highways, and which provide access to abutting properties and protection from through traffic. A frontage road may be developed along the property frontage or to the rear of the property (reverse frontage road).

Impervious – Surface which has been compacted or covered with a layer of material so that it is highly resistant to infiltration by water, including surfaces such as compacted sand, limerock, shell or clay, as well as most conventionally surfaced streets, roofs, sidewalks, parking lots and other similar structures.

Major Local Roads – An intermediate road which carries more traffic than a local road but less than a Collector road. Designed as a main thoroughfare in a residential subdivision to carry traffic to and from local roads to Collector and Arterial roads.

Median - A narrow strip of land or concrete between the two sides of a large road, separating the vehicles moving in opposite directions.

Pavement - A hard smooth surface, especially of a public area or thoroughfare, that will bear travel.

Right-of-Way (ROW) – A strip of land used or intended to be used for vehicular or pedestrian travel, whether public or private.

Survey – To determine the exact form, boundaries, position, extent, etc., of (a tract of land, section of a county, etc.) by linear and angular measurements and the application of the principles of geometry and trigonometry.

Swale - A shallow depression in the ground designed to channel drainage of rainwater.