Mosquito Control
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Areas of Treatment

Mosquito Counts

Mosquito Control Using IPM

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mosquito trapSurveillance

Surveillance gives us the data used to determine what we do, when and where we do it.

Mosquito traps tell us how many and what type of mosquito species are active in a particular area.

Sentinel chickens inform us of mosquito borne viruses that may be active in mosquito populations in the vicinity of the coop.

Landing rate counts tell us how many biting mosquitoes are active in the area being tested. There is a threshold for what is acceptable, anything over that amount will warrant treatment by a spray truck.

Field inspections are done throughout the day as techs move throughout the county monitoring and responding to resident requests for service.

Source Reduction

Mosquitoes can breed in 1/4 teaspoon of water, so it is important to eliminate any potential source of mosquito breeding.  If it can hold water, it should be covered or removed.

  • Lifecycle on average 7-10 days from egg to flying adult.
  • Check property at least once a week for standing water so you can break the 7-10 day cycle.
  • Dump or cover any items that can hold water.
  • Take tires to the dump, cover them properly or put them in an enclosed/covered area.
  • Don't leave anything outside that can hold/accumulate water and breed mosquitoes.

Source reduction also includes eliminating certain aquatic plants that provide a breeding habitat for a few mosquito species: Water hyacinth-Water lettuce-Cattails

pre treat posttreat
"Pre" and "Post" treatment of water hyacinth infested water body


Control is the means by which we eliminate and prevent immature and adult mosquito populations.


Mosquito Fish (biological control) are raised and placed in any water bodies that will sustain them. ; The fish can eat hundreds of mosquito larvae and pupae every day. They are a tremendous resource for controlling mosquitoes. Nature also gives us some help by providing creatures in the water and on land that like to feed on mosquitoes in all stages of life.

Chemicals are used when we can't place fish.

Larvicides are placed in the water to eliminate and prevent the immature stages of mosquitoes (larvae/pupae). This is the best means to fight mosquitoes because they are stopped before they take to the air.

Adulticides are used against flying adult mosquitoes.  It is important to note that certain species are not out at night and will not be affected by the spray missions. These mosquitoes MUST be dealt with through Source Reduction (dump/cover/remove).

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Public Education/Outreach

We welcome the opportunity to teach residents how they can take the steps necessary to keep mosquitoes off their property.

Staff participates in many community events throughout the year, giving the public an opportunity to stop by our booth, ask questions and pick up informational handouts.

Swampfest-Sheriff's Nite Out-Hurricane Expo-Touch a Truck-Health Fairs

We regularly provide mosquito awareness presentations to HOA, community and business groups. 

 Master Gardener Group-Chinsegut Nature Center-Florida Friendly Events

Awareness classes are available for our county's public and private school children, in addition to participating in science fairs and Earth Day events.

mo   fair   arg swamp


How Do We Decide to Spray?

Our decision to start spraying for mosquitoes is governed by state guidelines. Justification to spray is based on surveillance/trapping results, daily inspections by field technicians, landing counts and resident complaints.

Exceptions to the Rule

  1. No Spray Zones - Areas where people have phoned in requesting no spraying due to health concerns or other possible reasons.
  2. Sensitive lands - By law, adulticiding is not allowed in or near certain sensitive lands (i.e., SWFWMD, state forest) due to potential environmental contamination. However, exceptions may be made if a medical emergency is issued in the area.