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Terri Beverly
SHIP Loan Coordinator

SHIP Program

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Funds for these programs are limited and all loans are made on a funds available basis only.

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  • What is The Construction Strategy?
  • What is The Emergency Repairs Strategy?
  • What is The Down Payment Assistance Strategy? (Funding Not Currently Available)
  • What is The Homeowner Rehabilitation Strategy?
  • What is The Multi-Family Development Strategy (Funding Currently Not Available)
  • What is the SHIP Program?
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Understanding the Down Payment Assistance Process


  • What is the Down Payment Assistance Program?
  • How Much Money is Available?
  • What are the Loan Terms?
  • What are the Steps to Apply for Down Payment Assistance?
  • What is the Time Frame to Process an Application?
  • What Types of Down Payment Assistance are there?
  • Miscellaneous Information
  • What Happens At/After Closing?
  • What is a "Letter of Approval" ?
  • What Properties are Eligible?
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SHIP Worksheet

(State Housing Initiatives Partnership)

Prior to scheduling an appointment with our office, our office must have received a PRE-APPROVAL letter from a financial institution. This pre-approval can be faxed at (352) 754-4168.

To take advantage of the Hernando County Down Payment Assistance Program, you must submit the following documents at your scheduled appointment time for any applicable household member:

  • Four most recent pay stubs, or letter from employer showing current year-to-date gross income, hours worked, hourly rate, overtime and rate, etc. for each member of the household
  • Most recent tax return from all members of the household 18 years of age and older.
  • Proof of Social Security or SSI annual benefit statement(s)
  • If self-employed or an independent contractor; past two years tax returns [signed 1040's] and YTD Profit and Loss Statement from a licensed public accountant
  • Most recent bank statements showing all accounts; checking, savings, CD's, money markets, 401K's, stocks, bonds, IRA's, retirement, pensions, etc.
  • Copy of most recent divorce order since last tax return was filed
  • Copy of original Child Support/Alimony St