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State Mandated Programs

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Health Care Responsibility Act (HCRA)

Mandated by Florida Statute 154.301, this service provides for payment of out-of-county emergency inpatient hospitalization for indigent residents of Hernando County at participating hospitals. Eligibility for this assistance is initiated by the treating hospital.

Disposition of Unclaimed Bodies

Mandated by Florida Statute 406.50, provides a uniform procedure for cremation of deceased Hernando County indigent residents in a decent and dignified manner and in accordance with Florida Statute 406. Assistance is determined by program guidelines.

Contributions to Medicaid

Mandated by Florida Statute 409.915, Hernando County is required to reimburse the State of Florida a portion of Medicaid costs associated with services rendered from hospitals and nursing homes to Hernando County’s Medicaid recipients.

Detention Cost Sharing

Mandated by Florida Statute, Chapter 985.686. This program requires counties to share the cost of detention services with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. For more information on this program visit:

Arrested Persons

Mandated by Florida Statute, Chapter 901.35. This program requires all counties to process hospital charges of residents that require medical attention while under the authority of local law enforcement.

Child Protection Team Medical Examinations

Mandated by Florida Statute Chapter, 39.304(5). This program requires counties to incur the initial costs of examinations for allegedly abuse, abandoned or neglected children.

Baker Act Services

A contracted service as described by Florida Statute, Chapter 394.457 (3), which requires the County to provide match funding for the mentally ill through Crisis Stabilization.