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Burn Permits

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Hernando County Fire Rescue does not issue burn permits. All burn permits are issued by the Florida Forest Service through the local Forestry Center Field Office.

Burn Authorization Required

Agricultural, Silvicultural, land clearing, pile and acreage burning all require a burn authorization from the Florida
Fire Service.

Burn Authorization Not Required

Authorization is not required to burn yard waste as long as you meet the required setbacks and there are no local, city or county ordinances in place that prohibit burning.

These requirements are as follows:

  • You must be at least 25 feet from your house, and
  • You must be at least 25 feet from any wildlands, brush, or combustible structure (e.g. shed), and
  • You must be at least 50 feet from a road or street, and
  • You must be at least 150 feet from other occupied buildings or structures, and
  • It is recommended that burning be done in a barrel or pit with a screen over it
  • Burning is not permitted on rainy, foggy or windy days
  • Only natural vegetation can be burned. No processed wood, rubber, wiring, PVC piping or shingles

Note: Piles greater than eight feet in diameter will require an authorization from the Florida Forest Service, must have suppression equipment on hand, and need to meet additional setback requirements.

General Conditions

This authorization shall be revoked at any time if:

  • The conditions of this permit are not strictly adhered to
  • The smoke or fumes create a nuisance
  • The Division of Forestry determines that the health, safety or welfare of the citizens of Hernando County require revocation
  • The Division of Forestry determines that environmental and atmospheric conditions do not allow for safe burning
  • The Division of Forestry equipment and personnel must be dispatched to extinguish or control a fire which is the subject of this permit


County Ordinance provides for criminal penalties for the violation of terms and conditions of burn permits.

Compliance with the terms of the permit does not relieve the permittee of civil liability to third person as a result of any damage or injury caused by fire.