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Top 5 Most Common Code Violations

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1. Overgrown Grass

Chapter 15, Article V, Section 15-163a

Weed growth and grass height more than18 inches within 100 feet of any improved property, with the exception of parcels that are zoned Agricultural, A/R, A/R1, A/R2, County 2.5, or Conservation. See Appendix A of the Ordinances.

2. Trash and Debris

Chapter 15, Article V, Section 15-163b

An accumulation of household trash bags, decaying vegetative matter, exposed salvageable material (appliances, furniture, etc.) or other manmade materials.

3. Unauthorized Use of Property

Appendix A, Article IV

A recreational vehicle or travel trailer parked beyond the front line of the home, hens or roosters on a residential property without a permit, other fowl or swine violations, portable storage units, roadside sales, outside storage, excessive vehicle sales and other violations enforced by Code Enforcement.

4. Inoperable Vehicles

Chapter 20, Article II

Abandoned or inoperative vehicles on any private property more than 30 days. You may have an inoperable vehicle if it is stored in an area not in view from the right-of-way or adjoining properties.  

Inoperative vehicle means a vehicle that cannot be moved under its own power or a vehicle that cannot be lawfully operated on the streets of the state. This includes no tag or expired tag.

Abandoned vehicle means that the legal owner has left the vehicle for more than 30 days with no arrangement with the property owner to store it.

5. Signs

Chapter 25.5

In a residentially zoning property, you can have a sign that is six-square feet or smaller in your yard, but not in the right-of-ways. 

No more than one permanent banner with a maximum size of 24-square-feet can be on a lot or parcel zoned commercial or industrial. 

No more than three flags are allowed on a lot or parcel zoned for residential, commercial or industrial use.

In recreational, commercial or industrial zonings, you can apply for a Temporary Sign Permit through Code Enforcement, which allows more signs, banners, flags, pennants, etc. during the permit period.

Check out the complete Code of Ordinances for more information.