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Temporary Sign Permits

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  • Each parcel zoned commercial or industrial is allowed one 24-square-foot banner
  • Each parcel zoned commercial, industrial, or residential is allowed three flags without a permit
  • Temporary sign permits apply to the parcel where the business applicant is located and may be obtained for parcels zoned recreational, commercial, or industrial
  • Permits are purchased by individual businesses
  • During the permitted period, you may place flags, pennants, banners, portable signs, streamers, balloons, sandwich board signs and other similar devices on the parcel property **No signage may be place in the County right-of-ways**
  • Temporary sign permits can be obtained through Hernando County Code Enforcement for a fee of $50 each
  • Temporary sign permits can be issued for up to 60 days per calendar year, per parcel, to any occupant
  • The 60 days allowed can be divided into six different permits for any number of days, by any occupant, as long as the total does not exceed 60 days per calendar year
  • After the 60 days have been permitted, additional events can be permitted once for each occupant, for an additional 15 day period per calendar year
  • A new business can apply for a 21-day permit within 60 days of their opening to the general public; otherwise, they can use any part of the 60 days that are still available
  • If the applicant is not the registered owner or owner's agent, a separate written authorization from the owner or owner's agent must accompany the permit application

Temporary Sign Permit Application

Temporary Sign County Ordinance Ch 25.5-5