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Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Friday 
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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Closed Monday, Sunday and Holidays


Warning Sign "Heat Kills Pets In Parked Vehicles"

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Lost and Found Animals

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Lost Animal Reports

Missing Pets

  • Thoroughly check your property. Cats and dogs can get into places that you would never expect. They may also remain in that spot if they are frightened or physically unable to free themselves
  • If your pet is not found on your property then search your neighborhood. Most pets are recovered well within a two-mile perimeter of their home. Talk with everyone you meet and leave a description of your pet and phone number. Never leave your name or address or let your child go door to door unaccompanied by an adult
  • Post fliers on brightly colored paper in your neighborhood with a photo of your pet, date and place your pet was lost, its breed, age, sex, weight and color as well as your phone number. In addition to your neighborhood, place fliers at intersections controlled by traffic signals, grocery stores and at local dog parks
  • Speak to your postal worker about your missing pet and provide the flier
  • Place strong-scented articles outside your home to attract your pet (i.e. some of your dirty clothes, your cat’s litter box or your dog’s favorite toy). Never leave food, as that may attract stray or wild animals
  • Visit local veterinarians’ offices, especially animal emergency clinics and leave a description and photo
  • Advertise in your local newspapers and post to social media
  • If your animal has a microchip, contact the microchip company as soon as you realize that the animal is missing to ensure the correct information is on file so they can alert local veterinary offices and shelters
  • Write a message on your car windows and get your message out as you drive
  • Visit other animal shelters in your area
Shelter Address Phone
Hernando County Animal Services 19450 Oliver St., Brooksville (352) 796-5062
Humane Society of the Nature Coast, Inc

7224 Mobley Rd., Brooksville

(352) 796-2711


9075 Grant St., Brooksville

(352) 596-7000
Pasco County Animal Services  

(813) 929-1212

Citrus County Animal Control  

(352) 746-8400


If you have lost your pet you are instructed to fill out a lost report completely with an attached photo to If you have found an animal, please fill out the found report completely and attach a photo of found animal please email to During this time we encourage residents to hold stray animals while they look for an owner. We are asking that you share your information on social media and online. 

Some examples of local missing/found pet sites are as follows:,


Some Facebook Sites:

  • Missing Pets of Hernando County Florida
  • Lost and Found Pets Spring Hill/Brooksville Florida
  • Hernando / Citrus Pets Lost and Found
  • Hernando Lost and Found Pet Amber Alert
  • Lost and Found Pets of Ridge Manor



Once your pet is located
  • Have it spayed or neutered
  • Get a microchip implanted or confirm it is properly registered with current contact information
  • Ensure your pet is current on its vaccinations and has a county license
  • Attach an identification tag with phone number(s) and other pertinent information
  • Pet proof your yard closing off escape routes ensure locks are secure
  • Update photographs of your pet
  • Consider changing your collar to a martingale, which is specifically designed so that animals cannot slip out of them
  • Exercise and play with your pet so it does not get bored and feel the need to leave home

Impound Pets

Animal Services will make every effort to inform you that your pet was impounded if your pet is wearing tags or is implanted with a microchip that can be traced to you, but do not rely on this. Many animals lose or someone takes the tags off before they are picked up. Also, microchips are not always immediately detected. Update your information if you move or change telephone numbers. Visit the shelter regularly to look for your pet and introduce yourself as a lost pet owner so that you can be escorted through all areas of the shelter.

Impound/Board Fees:

  • Impound fee = $25
  • Per day shelter fee = $10

Show proof of a rabies vaccination and county license. If you do not have this information you will be required to have it done at the shelter if the veterinarian is available to vaccinate your animal.

Vaccination Fees:

  • One-year rabies vaccination = $10
  • License for sterilized animals = $10
  • License for unsterilized animals = $30

If you are unable to afford the fees, you may receive a citation from an Animal Services officer that allows you to provide proof of vaccination and license within a specified time period. Additionally, there may be other citations issued. If a citation is issued, you will have the option to pay the fine within 30 days or contesting the fine in court.