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July 10, 2018 Board meeting highlights

Post Date:07/11/2018

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At the Tuesday, July 10, 2018 meeting, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) took the following actions:

Cooperative Extension Services Accomplishments and 2017 Annual Report 

Cooperative Extension Services Director Jim Davis provided an update regarding Cooperative Extension's accomplishments and an overview of the 2017 Annual Report.

Public Hearings

Master Plan Revision Petition submitted by Ann Louise Ratajik/Fredrick Edward – passed unanimously

Master Plan revision on property zoned PDP(SF)/Planned Development Project (Single Family) with deviations in the eastern terminus of Scottsville and Centennial streets.


Master Plan Petition submitted by Hernando County Department of Public Works – passed unanimously

Petition established a Master Plan on property zoned PDP(IND)/Planned Development Project (Industrial) to include a special use for a heavy building material establishment. The property is located west of Cobb Road, approximately 2,100 feet north of Yontz Road.

Rezoning Petition submitted by Phillip Liebman Works – passed unanimously

Rezoning from R-1C/(Residential) to AR-2/ (Agricultural Residential-2) at the west side of Shasta Street, approximately 140 feet north of Square Stone Street.

Rezoning Petition submitted by Kelly Lamoree Works – passed unanimously

Rezoning from R-1C/(Residential) to AR-2/ (Agricultural Residential-2) at the north side of Square Stone Street, approximately 330 feet west of Split Stone Street.

Resolutions establishing annual non-ad valorem assessment rate for three miles of roads in Royal Highlands – passed unanimously

    • Jackdaw Road Paving Municipal Service Benefit Unit
    • Jaybird Road Paving Municipal Service Benefit Unit
    • Kodiak Wren Road Paving Municipal Service Benefit Unit
    • Old Squaw Avenue Paving Municipal Service Benefit Unit
    • Quill Avenue Paving Municipal Service Benefit Unit

Acceptance of FY2018-19 State Department of Health Emergency Medical Services matching funds for purchase of LUCAS Chest Compression Systems for Hernando County Fire Rescue

Hernando County Fire Rescue was awarded a matching grant from the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services in the amount of $35,064. This funding will be used to purchase two Lucas mechanical compression devices. With mechanical compressions, patients will have increased blood perfusion, medications will be circulated faster and paramedics will experience reduced stress from performing manual CPR with improved chances of inducing a rhythm that can be defibrillated.

Two ground lease agreements at Airport Industrial Park – passed unanimously

T&T Development, LLC will be purchasing the improvements on Lot 51 (15271 Flight Path Drive) and Lot 68 (15424 Aviation Loop) from Angela Land, LLC. The parcels are located within the Airport's Industrial Park with a lease term of 30 years with two 10-year options. The revenue generated will total $14,077.20.