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15365 Cortez Blvd
Brooksville, FL  34613
Fax (352) 754-4485

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Billing and Collections
7405 Forest Oaks Blvd.
Spring Hill, FL 34606

Fax (352) 688-5012

Emergency Service
(352) 754-4037
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Solid Waste & Recycling Div.
14450 Landfill Road
Brooksville, Florida 34614
(352) 754-4112
Wiscon Maintenance

15400 Wiscon Rd
Brooksville, FL 34601


Water Quality Reports


Solid Waste Disposal at the Convenience Centers

The Convenience Centers are for HERNANDO COUNTY RESIDENTS' USE ONLY. Any and all businesses ARE PROHIBITED from using the Convenience Centers. ALL business waste MUST be transported to the NORTHWEST FACILITY.
The Following Items are accepted at the Transfers Stations

  • Household garbage - Kitchen and table food waste, packaging, clothing, etc.
  • White Goods - Washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, hot water heaters, etc.
  • Metal - Tin roofing, shelving, bicycles, fencing, lawn mowers, etc. Must be free of gas and oil.
  • Tires - Residents can bring in 8 car tires per year per household.
  • Used Oil - Each household may bring in 5 gallons per month.
  • Electronics -TV's, Computer Equipment, Audio & Video Equipment, etc.
  • Fluorescent lamps - Up to, but not exceeding four foot lamps.
  • Used Sharps - (Syringes and lancets) The resident must place their used sharps in the biohazard container at the facility.
  • Lead Acid Batteries - Car, boat, motorcycle, and small truck batteries.
  • Nickel Cadmium Batteries - Rechargeable types: Power tools, cell phones, etc.

The West Hernando and East Hernando Convenience Stations will be accepting Construction & Demolition Debris (C&D) and Furniture. Please remember that the Convenience stations are for Residential Use only, and standard trailer rules still apply.

Anyone wishing to disposal of four (4) bulk items per year for free, must contact your trash hauler to make arrangements. The phone number is:

Republic Services (aka Seaside Sanitation) (800) 282-9820
                                                                (727) 868-2566


Other than used oil and paint products , All automotive Fluids (such as fuel, antifreeze, and brake fluids); and chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, pool chemicals, and solvents are not accepted at the Convenience Centers. These materials must be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center at the Northwest Solid Waste and Recycling Facility, or you can contact Jeff Howley at 754-4906, for the next scheduled Amnesty Day date.

Solid Waste Assessment & Residential Barcode ID Tags

Residential Barcode ID Tags (R-BITs) are issued to residents that are assessed for solid waste disposal. Only debris coming from assessed residential property, transported by the resident, can be accepted at the Convenience Centers.

The amount of waste that can be disposed of without an additional charge is limited. The Solid Waste assessment is only designed to pay for typical, daily household garbage. Re-roofing, remodeling or tearing down a house is not covered by the assessment. Tree, bush and grass clippings are included but, land clearing is not. The disposal of boats, jet skis or any other vehicle is subject to a disposal fee.

How to Obtain an ID Tag
Decals are obtained from Facility Attendant at any Solid & Waste & Recycling location when you present your drivers license as proof of residency or tax bill as proof of solid waste assessment.

Note: All vehicles are subject to load inspections.

  • Rental residents may obtain an ID tag by providing identification and the property owner's name or address.
  • Household Hazardous waste is accepted from residents of Hernando County only. Residents of Citrus or Pasco Counties should call their respective county for information or disposal:
    • Republic Services (aka Seaside Sanitation) (800) 282-9820
                                                                      (727) 868-2566

Trailers and Oversized Vehicles
No oversized vehicles (i.e. dump trucks, moving vans, etc.) or trailers larger than 5' x 10' x 2' are permitted at the Convenience Centers. Trailers larger than 5' x 10' x 2' must use the Northwest Solid Waste and Recycling Facility.

Small Quantity Generator Program Ordinance

Solid Waste Ordinance

a Week Watering

One day per week watering restrictions continue as of 7/31/12: SEE NOTICE

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Convenience Center Information Guide

Hernando County Recycling Guide

Household Hazardous Waste Guide

Small Quantity Generator and Pollution Prevention Guide

Sprinkler Check Up!

Fix Household Leaks

Water Awareness Meetings & Seminars

Conservation - Watering Restrictions, Watering Tips, & Florida Friendly Landscaping

Bulk Waste Brochure

Commercial License Application

Commercial License Information Brochure

Recycling Brochure

Residential Garbage Information Brochure

Yard Waste Brochure 2015

Drop Off Brochure 2015


Sample Solid Waste and Recycling Invoice
Sample Solid Waste & Recycling Invoice

Hernando County Board of County Commissioners
Technology Services Department
20 North Main Street, Room 363, Brooksville, FL 34601-2849

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