Watering Restrictions


One Day Per Week Watering Remains in Effect for Hernando County           August 1, 2012

The Hernando County Utilities Department wants to remind residents that Hernando County remains on the one-day-per-week watering restriction schedule, pursuant to Hernando County Ordinance 2010-15. "Although the one-day-per-week watering restrictions put into place by the Southwest Florida Water Management District Governing Board expired today, Hernando County's one-day-per-week restriction remains in place. Maintaining the once-per-week practice is part of the County’s conservation efforts in protecting Hernando County’s natural water systems,” said Susan Goebel-Canning, Environmental Services Director for Hernando County.<br>
As a reminder, the one-day-per-week schedule is as follows:<nobr>
<p>Address ending with: May water on:<br>

0 or 1 MONDAY<br>
2 or 3 TUESDAY<br>
4 or 5 WEDNESDAY<br>
6 or 7 THURSDAY<br>
8 or 9 FRIDAY</p>
Water before 8 am or after 6 pm on your day Areas where there is no address or multiple addresses (such as common ground areas or shopping plazas with multiple addresses)
water on Friday.
<p>Some Hernando County homeowners associations (HOAs) have a variance to this watering schedule. If you live in an HOA, please check with organization or property manager for your specific schedule. </p>
<p>Except for the days/times for lawn watering, Hernando County's restrictions are the same as the Southwest Florida Water Management District. For example, car washing and pressure washing can be done any time. This information may be viewed at
<a href="http://www.swfwmd.state.fl.us/conservation/restrictions/swfwmd.php">
The County appreciates the continued adherence to the one-day-per-week watering schedule.</p>
<p>Hernando County appreciates the continued adherence to the one-day-per-week watering schedule. For more information about Hernando County's watering restrictions, please contact the Utilities Department at (352) 754-4037 or email questions to
<a href="mailto:waterconservation@co.hernando.fl.us">waterconservation@co.hernando.fl.us</a>
Frazier <br>
Community Relations Coordinator <br>
Hernando County Government<br>
20 N. Main Street,
Room 263 <br>
Brooksville, FL 34601 <br>
(352) 540-6780 office </p>