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Administration &

15365 Cortez Blvd
Brooksville, FL  34613
Fax (352) 754-4485

Customer Service

Billing and Collections
7405 Forest Oaks Blvd.
Spring Hill, FL 34606

Fax (352) 688-5012

Emergency Service
(352) 754-4037
24 hrs. a day / 7 days a week
Solid Waste & Recycling Div.
14450 Landfill Road
Brooksville, Florida 34614
(352) 754-4112
Wiscon Maintenance

15400 Wiscon Rd
Brooksville, FL 34601


Water Quality Reports





Materials Recycled at the Convenience Centers

  • Aluminum Cans

  • Cardboard - All types, flattened, corrugated. Can be placed in newspaper bin if separate bin is not available.

  • Foam - Re-bond or Prime foam carpet padding, polyurethane foam pillows or cushions.

  • Newspaper - Newspaper and paper bags.

  • Mixed Paper - Office Paper, magazines, telephone books and junk mail.

  • Plastic - Milk, water, soda, and detergent bottles (#1 & #2)

  • Scrap Metal & Steel Cans


What can be recycled in Spring Hill?

  • Newspaper Please take it out of the plastic bag before placing in the recycling bin.we recycle  The bags are not recyclable with the newspaper, but can be recycled with the plastic shopping bags at your local grocery store.

  • Cardboard Please flatten boxes.  Remove any  packing material inside the box.  Large boxes must be cut down to the dimensions no larger than 3 x 3.   Cereal, cracker, pizza (without food), and similar boxes are also acceptable.

  • Plastic #1 and #2 bottles (No motor oil containers).   This includes food containers such as cooking oil and salad dressings; personal care products like shampoo or lotion; cleaning products such as window cleaner, laundry detergent, floor cleaner; and, of course, soda, milk and water bottles.  If unsure whether the plastic bottle is recyclable, look on the bottom for a triangle.  If the number inside of it is a #1 or #2, then it is recyclable.

  • Aluminum cans

  • Steel cans Labels do NOT have to be removed.

We do ask that all containers be rinsed.  For those concerned with using excess water to rinse containers, a simple solution to rinsing peanut butter jars is to put it in your dishwasher when you wash your next load of dishes No extra water expended.

Northwest Waste Management Facility
14450 Landfill Road, Brooksville, FL 34614
Phone: (352) 754-4112
Fax: (352) 754-4118


a Week Watering

One day per week watering restrictions continue as of 7/31/12: SEE NOTICE

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Convenience Center Information Guide

Hernando County Recycling Guide

Household Hazardous Waste Guide

Small Quantity Generator and Pollution Prevention Guide

Sprinkler Check Up!

Fix Household Leaks

Water Awareness Meetings & Seminars

Conservation - Watering Restrictions, Watering Tips, & Florida Friendly Landscaping

Bulk Waste Brochure

Commercial License Application

Commercial License Information Brochure

Recycling Brochure

Residential Garbage Information Brochure

Yard Waste Brochure 2015

Drop Off Brochure 2015



Hernando County Board of County Commissioners
Technology Services Department
20 North Main Street, Room 363, Brooksville, FL 34601-2849

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