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20 North Main Street, Room 263,
Brooksville, FL 34601
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Hernando County Partners In Public Service

The Hernando County Partners in Public Service Program shall enhance County government services by providing a method to tap into the valuable resources of talent, creativity, experience, education and enthusiasm possessed by the citizens in our community.

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Why Volunteer for Hernando County Government?  
Volunteers are needed! They can help provide enhanced services that otherwise might not be possible. By volunteering you can . . .

  • Gain opportunities to learn new job skills and work experiences that may be added to your resume.

  • Develop a better understanding of county government and serve as an ambassador within the community.

  • Help your neighbors and be a valuable community resource

  • Get involved in your local government. Get to Know your government departments, staff and elected officials.

  • Put your experience and skills to good use.

How to Become a Partner in Public Service

Are you looking for an opportunity to use your skills, talents and experience? Do you want to become involved with your local government? Do you want to learn new skills?
Join the citizens who are stepping forward to make a difference in their community. Become a Partner in Public Service and volunteer with Hernando County Government.
Volunteers do not replace employees. Rather, their contributions of talent and skill add support for County departments and enhance services to the public.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone wanting to contribute something . . . working people, retirees, homemakers, college students and young people ages fourteen and older.

Here are some examples of volunteer activities:

The Hernando County Volunteer Services Program will assist you in identifying a volunteer position that matches your interests, skills and availability. You will be asked to fill out a volunteer application (PDF Format) (or request one be sent to you) and attend a general orientation session. Please review the County Volunteer Policy.
(Note: you can email (ggrimmer@hernandocounty.us) or (352-754-4477) the application )

The Volunteer Coordinator will then contact the department that has a job description which interests you. You will be contacted by that supervisor for another interview. This interview will cover policies and procedures specific to your job duties. It will also give you and the supervisor a chance to determine if you are right for the placement. Training is provided as needed.

Volunteer to Serve on Boards and Commissions

The Hernando County Commission is responsible for appointing citizens to committees and boards which carry out highly specialized functions of county government, such as the Planning and Zoning Commission, Health Care Advisory Board and Library Advisory Board. This is an opportunity to become involved in interesting phases of county operations and, at the same time, render an invaluable service.

For more information, contact the Public Information Manager Virginia Singer vsinger@hernandocounty.us  or stop by and visit the Volunteer Coordinator's office in the County Administration Office
20 North Main Street, Room 263 
Brooksville, FL 34601

mailbox Have Questions or Comments about Your County Government? 
Contact the Public Information Manager Virginia Singer vsinger@hernandocounty.us