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Hernando County Development
Department provides online
application and issuance of
permits for Licensed Contractors
who have obtained a user name
and password and set up an
escrow account.

Use the System to:

Check Inspection Results

Issue a Permit
Authorized Permit Types Only

Find Parcel Zoning

Find Building Permit
History by Parcel

Schedule an Inspection

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Zoning Applications
pdf file format Instructions for Appeal of Administrative Decisions (PDF Format)
pdf file format Variance Appeal Application (PDF Format)
pdf file format Bingo Application (PDF Format)         
pdf file format Bingo Renewal Application (PDF Format)    
pdf file format Landscape FAQ (in ref. to Landscape Ordinance 2008-02 )
pdf file format Landscape Clearing Plan (PDF format)

Contractors Applications & Information:

***A Hernando County Bond is no longer required for license issuance, renewal or update (HC Ord. 2014-22)

pdf file format Accessory Use - Shed Installation/Dealer (ACCESSORYUSE05SHEDFRM11-2015)
  ChoicePoint Screening Questionnaire (contact Building Dept)
pdf file format Contractor Class Certification (Class app 09/2015)
pdf file format Commercial & Institutional Fertilizer Applicator Registration (updated 11-2015)
pdf file format L.P. Gas Installer & Dealer Registration (lpgasreg1-2015)
pdf file format Mobile Home Dealer Registration (MobileDealer2015)
pdf file format Mobile Home Set-Up/Dealer Registration (Mobile Dealer INSTALLER 2015)
pdf file format Mobile Home Set-Up Registration (Mobile INSTALLER 2015)
pdf file format Contractor Licensing Reciprocity Application (Reciprocity 09-2015)
pdf file format Contractor Certification Service Request (SERREQ09-15)
pdf file format State Certified Registration Form (Statecert 9-15)
pdf file format Tree Removal Contractor   updated 11-2015
pdf file format Specialty Certification Application / License Application (Specialty app 10-2015)

Building Permit Applications and Forms:

***To submit online, email completed applications to BLDG@HernandoCounty.us (Note: please include your contact information in the email)***

pdf file format Authorized Agent Form (updated 12-2015)
pdf file format Escrow Account Packet (updated 12-2015)
pdf file format Residential Electrical (updated 04-2016)
pdf file format Residential Roofing (updated 04-2016)
pdf file format Reroofing Inspection Affidavit (updated 12-2015)
pdf file format Residential Mechanical (updated 12-2015)
pdf file format Residential Plumbing (updated 4-2016)
pdf file format Single Family Residence (updated 04-2016)
pdf file format Residential - New Mobile Home (updated 04-2016)
pdf file format Demolition (updated 04-2016)
pdf file format Building Permit (updated 04-2016)
pdf file format Civil Engineer's Certification & As-Built Drawings (updated 04-2016)
pdf file format Commercial Building Permit Application (updated 04-2016)
pdf file format Request For Early Electrical Release of Commercial Projects (updated 04-2016)
pdf file format Commercial Electrical (updated 04-2016)
pdf file format Commercial Fence
pdf file format Commercial Irrigation (updated 04-2016)
pdf file format Commercial Mechanical
pdf file format Commercial Re-roof
pdf file format Permit Revision Form
pdf file format Extend / Reactivate Request Form    Request to extend or reactivate a building permit. (updated 12-2015)
pdf file format Fire Alarm Permit
pdf file format Firehood Suppression
pdf file format Fire Sprinkler
pdf file format LP/Nat Gas Permit App updated 6/12/15
pdf file format Notice of Commencement (updated 02-2016)
pdf file format Pool/Spa/Hot Tub Safety Barrier Affidavit (updated 12-2015)
pdf file format On Site Sign revised 6/30/2014
pdf file format Sinkhole Stabilization Application
pdf file format Statewide Product Approval Form
pdf file format Storage Tanks
pdf file format Subcontractor Affidavit updated 6/12/15
pdf file format Substantial Improvements - Damage updated 6/12/15
pdf file format Temp Use Application
pdf file format Tent Application
pdf file format Tent Temp Use- Fireworks - To be used for Fireworks sales tents.
pdf file format Tent with Temp Use- To be used for ALL commercial and/or assembly occupancies such as retail public sale, circus, carnivals, revivals, theaters and other assembly gatherings.
pdf file format Tower Requirements
pdf file format Wall Sign (2010FBC)



Information for Homeowners,
Contractors, and Businesses

Homeowner Information

Information for Businesses

Landscape FAQ's
Online Applications
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Lien Law

Permit Card Instructions

Letter of Map Changes - FEMA Validation List

 Information on Sinkholes 

(packet includes application, engineer/geologist
 registration, and guidelines)

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 BBB Alerts
Frequently Asked Questions

Listings of Contractors Licensed in Hernando County

Available on BLDSYS Reports
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Automated Reports


Contractor Reports (CSV)  

Contractor Reports (PDF)

Open Permits Report (CSV)

Open Permits Report (PDF)

Safety Barrier Guidelines
for Home Pools

Safety Barrier Guidelines for Home Pools

Residential Pool

Residential Swimming Pool Safety


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