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Hernando County Animal Services

Pest Removal

For snake removal contact one of these companies:

SSNAKES (352) 597-5360 or (cell) (352) 650-4910
Snake Removal 800-339-9470
Reptile Recovery 813-845-8745
Expert Wildlife Removal (352) 799-6260

Bat Removal

Nuisance Wildlife Control (352) 585-1703
Expert Wildlife Removal (352) 799-6260
Hernando Pest Control (352) 796-3016

Nuisance Alligator Trapper

Please note, an alligator may be considered a nuisance if it is at least 4 feet in length and poses a threat to people, their pets, or property. In some circumstances an alligator less than 4 feet in length may be considered a nuisance.

Roger A. Trusty (352) 799-0636

Bee Removal

Bob’s Bee Removal (727) 243-9969 or cell (727) 946-0118
Expert Wildlife Removal (352) 799-6260


Other Insects and Wildlife

Custom Termite & Pest Control (352) 666-0134
Wildlife Control (352) 796-5815
Hernando Pest Control (352) 796-3016

Gopher Tortoise Removal

Gopher Tortoises are a species of special concern and it is illegal to take, possess, transport, or sell gopher tortoises or their eggs except as authorized by the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission. For information on removal or to report a violation involving Gopher Tortoises call the Commission at 800-342-8105 or 386-758-0525.