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Adopt a Homeless Animal


Animal Services continuously receives friendly, adorable animals who need loving homes. Our animals come from various sources, such as stray animals brought in by the Sheriff's Office Animal Services Officers. Many of them have been neglected or abandoned, but love can make a big difference in their lives.

Adoption fees are as follows:

DOGS: $70 for small breed (under 25lbs) and puppies (under 6mo),  $50
for adults, and $25 for heartworm positive and senior dogs.

CATS: $40 for kittens (under 6mo) and $20 for adults.


Adoption Application


All animals older than 8 weeks of age will be sterilized, vaccinated for rabies, heartworm tested (dogs), FeLV tested (cats), general dewormer, deflea, DA2PP vaccine (dogs) or FVRCP vaccine (cats), and a 1-yr county animal license issued if the adopter lives in Hernando County.

If you would like a friend who will love you unconditionally and bring joy to your life, please visit our shelter located at 19450 Oliver Street in Brooksville to find your new friend. In order to be considered for adoption, you are required to complete an application for the animal you are interested in. All adoptions require an approved application. To save time, download an adoption application to fill out and bring with you on your visit.

We regret that we are unable to maintain a "wish list" and cannot provide callbacks when particular "wanted" animals (i.e. purebreds, specific colors, puppies, kittens, etc.) arrive at the shelter. Please continue to check with us if you are looking for a particular type of animal.

Things to consider when Adopting

Pets cost money. In addition to the daily expense of food and shelter, there is also the annual expense of vaccinations and healthcare, and the possibility of unforeseen medical emergencies that could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Is your family prepared for the financial expense of adopting a pet?

Pets take time. Pets require constant love and attention. Dogs should attend obedience school and be walked and exercised on a regular basis. How much time does your family spend away from home at work or school? Does your family have time to devote to a pet?

A new family member does not have to be a puppy or a kitten. Often older dogs are already house broken and leash trained, and cats may be litter box trained. Older animals have something to offer too especially for families that don't have time for obedience school.

Pets are a lifetime commitment. Many animals will live 13 to 20 years. Are you and your family prepared for this long-term commitment?

Ask the staff lots of questions. They spend every day with the animal while it is here. They will be able to help you determine if the animal's personality will be suitable for your lifestyle. If you adopt, be patient. It takes time for your pet to adjust to it's new surroundings and to get used to a new routine. Be patient and understanding with your new family member. If problems exist or persist seek professional advice for dealing with undesirable behaviors.

If you have any questions about adoption please call us at 796-5062 and we will be happy to help you. Remember that Hernando County Animal Services is a resource for the community.


You can also find our animals are posted on our Hernando County Animal Services Facebook page, PetFinder.com, and AdoptAPet.comFind uson Facebook             Petfinder.com adoptapet


Not all Animals at our Facility may be Available for Adoption.

Animals must be observed for health and temperament and Animal Services reserves the right to refuse to adopt out any animal that is deemed unadoptable.

Every year Animal Services euthanizes healthy, adoptable animals because there are not enough homes for them all. If you are looking for a new pet, please visit Animal Services and our staff will be happy to help you find the right pet for your family.

Adoption Prices


Hernando County Animal Services is offering a great deals to try to get our shelter pets into forever homes!

ADULT DOGS OVER 25 lbs $50  

Adoption Application

Fees are both for regular citizen adoptions and rescue groups, effective immediately.
All animals come sterilized, treated for internal and external parasites, vaccinated with core cat or dog vaccines, rabies vaccine if old enough (>12 weeks), and dogs are tested for heartworms and cats for feline Leukemia.
A one-year county license is also included with the adoption fee.